Transform your time in the water with our one to one swim tuition

Here at Oxford Thames Four Pillars Hotel our swim teacher carries out one to one swim guidance and instruction tailored to the specific needs of the client using the Shaw Method of swimming, one that differentiates itself from other approaches to swimming with its links to the Alexander Technique, a method of rediscovering natural balance and poise.

Whether looking to boost your confidence, ease painful muscles and joints, improve breathing or learn a new stroke, the teaching methods of our tutor will be sure to achieve the desired result.

The unique swim lessons are available to club members of our Oxford Leisure Clubs or residents of our Oxford Four Pillars Hotels at £35.00 per 45-minute lesson

Non members wishing to book a session with our swim teacher can at the cost of £45.00 per 45-minute lesson

Sessions are available from 12noon until 4pm on Thursday

To make a booking or for further information call swim teacher, Chie Cross, on 07772 262628 or see a member of the leisure team.

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Should your booking include children please call 0800 374 692

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Personal Training
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2014/2015 Wedding Offers
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